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Some of you may have heard of showcases before while others will remain naive to their existence. Showcases exist at both the Jr. and University level, and like anything, there are quality events and others that are nothing more than money makers. To summarize, a quality showcase should consist of the following:
  1. At the showcase, there will be head coaches or assistant coaches in attendance. Whether it be the University or Junior level that you are trying to reach, a quality showcase will have several coaches or scouts there to watch. A high caliber showcase will not only give you the opportunity to gain exposure, but it will also give coaches an excellent opportunity to view a high density of talent in their limited recruiting schedule.

  2. The showcase will consist of a practice type format combined with scrimmages.
Now, you may be asking what this can do for a player. It's simple, EXPOSURE. Regardless of where and how it happens, when you have the opportunity to perform for prospective coaches or teams, it is an invaluable experience. The key is to play well and to leave an impression. If you can do this and the showcase has enough coaches and assistants in attendance, the results can be amazing. You may get and invite to there camp, or you may be told that they will be watching you next year. Whatever the response, what you have accomplished is getting your name and your talent showcased to the people that you want to have know you. There isn't much more that you can ask for. During our on going research here at, we have come across both Junior and University showcases that have a good reputation and that on all fronts will provide players with a quality showcase. There are a variety of these showcases going on yearly all over North America. If you're thinking of attending one, here is what we suggest you find out before you go:
  • How many coaches and assistants will be in attendance?
  • How many players have gone on to play Jr. or University that have attended the showcase?
  • How many years has the showcase been operating?
  • What will the showcase consist of with regards to training?
  • How many players will be attending the showcase?
It is through answering these questions that you will have a better picture of whether or not the showcase is worth participating in. Showcases are just another resource that you have available to get yourself noticed and in turn get you to wherever it is you want to go. We wish you good luck, and remember,

"The man who believes he can do something is probably right, and so is the man who believes he can't"

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