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Cowichan Valley Capitals

Cowichan Valley Capitals

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President - Dr. Ron Smith
General Manager - Clayton Wright
Head Coach - Scott Robinson

2687 James Street
Duncan, BC, V9L 2X5

Tel: (250) 748-9930
Fax: (250) 748-9938

About the Team

Last Season Record: 30-21-9
Fan Base: 1100
2003 NCAA Committed Players:
Scholarships Available:

Past players have commented on what a great place Duncan is to play . Fan support is tremendous. The organization treats the players very well. They supply all outer equipment, sticks, tape, billet costs, as well as all post-game meals. The team also has great rivalries with both Victoria and Nanaimo. As well, the team has a great medical staff with an athletic therapist on staff. They also have a team doctor as well as a surgeon to deal with any medical problems that may arise.
      When it comes to players, work ethic is first and foremost. They are interested in players that are honest. Skill is obviously important, but hard work will beat skill every time.
      The team puts a very high emphasis on education. Their players must attend high school (if applicable) and pass. The local high school is located across the street from the arena. The school has a standard curriculum and is open to graduated players wishing to upgrade. As well, the team pays college tuition upon presentation of a passing grade in the course.

About the Town

Population: 13,000

The town offers a small town atmosphere(13,000 people in Duncan, 70,000 in surrounding area). There is plenty to do in Duncan for a small city. As well, Victoria and Nanaimo are only 45 minutes away on the Trans Canada Highway. Duncan is only 15 minutes from the ocean in Cowichan Bay or Maple Bay. Weather is incredible with virtually no snow and an average winter temperature of +3 celcius. Some part-time employment is also available.
      The town also offers great billeting situations. There is plenty of community involvement. The Capitals are a high profile group in Duncan. There are also plenty of discounts available to players from local merchants.

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