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Sample Hockey Resume

The following is an example of a good hockey resume. The player and the team he plays for are fictional. Regardless of what level you are playing at, you should be able to use this resume as a guide. But remember, keep your information current and keep in mind who will be reading it. As well, take a look at this sample cover letter to go along with your resume. If you have any unanswered questions pertaining to your situation, be sure to Ask the Vet.

David Salinger - Player Profile

Born: March 29, 1980
Height: 5' 8 "
Weight: 165 lbs.

Education: BC High School Diploma - Graduated with Honours 1998

Position: Center, Left Wing
Strengths: Playmaking, Leadership, Consistency, Desire to Win

Awards & Accomplishments:

1998-99 5th in BCHL Scoring
1998-99 BCHL Coastal Division 1st All-Star
1998-99 Most Valuable Player, South Island Sailors - BCHL
1998-99 Captain, South Island Sailors - BCHL
1997-98 BCHL Coastal Division 2nd All-Star
1996-97 Rookie of the Year, South Island Sailors - BCHL


1998-99 South Island Sailors - BCHL
GP Goals Assists Points
60 48 87 135

1997-98 South Island Sailors - BCHL
GP Goals Assists Points
52 32 78 110

1996-97 South Island Sailors - BCHL
GP Goals Assists Points
55 25 54 79

Future Objectives:
  • Receive a scholarship to play hockey in the NCAA .
  • Upon university graduation, continue my hockey career at the professional level.


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